Fret Zeppelin teaches guitar with the aid of LEDs

Fret Zeppelin isn’t just a clever reference to one of the greatest bands of all time, It’s also an innovative new tool to help aspiring guitarists learn their way around the instrument. A noninvasive fretboard overlay uses LED’s to show a student where to place their fingers for strumming or plucking a particular chord, scale, song or solo. The integrated Fret Zeppelin app comes loaded with a suite of features, including chord charts, scale diagrams, and song tablature (guitar-specific musical notation), all represented as lights on the fretboard. Much better than trying to make sense of some seriously confusing analogue (paper) diagrams - inferior representations of the same information.

As a former guitar teacher, I can attest that this product isn't a fluke. It’s a valuable piece of educational hardware for noobs and pros alike, and has the potential to transform a learning experience from drudgery to delight. The design is so intelligent, which you can tell from the way it low key promotes good finger posture. One of the main problems beginners have is a buzzing noise that comes from placing their fingers on the wrong part of the fret. They should be placed very close to the fret for stability, and where do you think the lights on the Fret Zeppelin are placed? Right where your fingers should be. So if you'd like to learn guitar in a fun and innovative new way, head over to Fret Zeppelin's Kickstarter page and order a unit for yourself today.

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