10 Ways to Tell That You May Have Lost Inspiration

Each day we walk around in our world, repeating the necessary tasks we have learned for survival within our environment. This saps inspiration from our inner most desire to achieve what it is we set out to do. Here are some common signs to look for that might be telling you that you are on a path to losing that inspirational touch.

10. Always Eating at the Same Restaurants - Ever get the feeling you eat at the same places every time? Well part of being inspired is to try new things. Try starting at the basic most need, food, and discover a new place eat


9. Favorite Food… Chicken - Chicken is the most basic flavor of food. Why do you think people compare everything to chicken? If this is the case then it’s time to figure out what other flavors exist.

8. Routine - Routine has everything to do with getting inspired. No inspiration will come if you enclose yourself in a limitation bubble full of repetition.

7. Sleeping In - Sleeping in is a giveaway sign that you have lost excitement for the new day. Try getting up earlier to get out of the sandman's grasp to see what the extra time in your day can bring you.

6. Smoke Breaks at Work - If running on a hamster wheel all day for your boss has got you taking smoke breaks every hour to escape the monotony, then that obviously means the hamster wheel has drained your inspirational talents.

5. Grey - Your favorite color is grey. Because your work space, clothes, house, and attitude has become grey and withered with unoriginality.

4. 2 Hr.+ TV Session - Watching TV to stay current is acceptable, but what real inspirational value can be gained from excessively watching reality TV? Put that remote down, avert your eyes from the screen, take a look around you to see what you're missing out on.

3. Grumps - Your nickname is Grumps, or something similar portraying your grumpy upside-down-smile nature. No one wants what the grumpy person has, or else they wouldn’t be grumpy. Try smiling, and soon people will be wanting what you have. :)

2. Childishness - Think everything and everyone is childish? Well we’ve got news for you. If you can’t be childish once in a while, then you will be missing out on some of the best fun there is to be had. And of course, fun leads to inspiration, because without fun, there wouldn’t be anything worth doing.

1. Passing Up Learning - Learning is at the forefoot of inspiration. Passing up learning will only lead you into the bowels of boredom. Without new information it will be impossible to relate new ideas to the old ones and will aid in breeding a regurgitated mindset.

If you know anyone who exhibits these signs just remember that it’s never too late to try something new. You can even help your stubborn friends rid themselves of their old ways, and help them to step outside of their comfort zone. There is a whole world of possibilities out there, so get out and explore!

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