New Football Helmet Technology Aims to Reduce Head Injuries

In an era where head injuries and concussion awareness have become more prevalent than ever in the sport of football, there may finally be solution that could have a serious impact on the safety of the game. Seattle based startup Vicis has teamed up with the NFL and decided to take this issue 'head on' with their highly engineered ZERO1 helmet.

The ZERO1 is a completely reengineered design, that ditches the traditional rigid shell in favor of their LODE SHELL™ which absorbs impacts more like the bumper of a car. It also replaces traditional padding with a columnar structure that moves omni-directionally to reduce linear and rotational forces, diverting the direct impact of a hit away from the surface of the head. Additional features include a memory foam liner, and a chin strap that attaches to the inner shell so as to curb impacts flowing through the jaw.

Be sure and check out Vici's website to learn more about this incredible technology

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